Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ColdFusion or IE?

I have been working on displaying the grid for the calendar widget. I use JSON to parse the data from the ColdFusion for the GXT grid store. The data from the database is formatted a lot in ColdFusion, using a couple of loops. The problem is that ColdFusion unwraps the loop and place as white spaces in HTML and send them back to the user. Well another problem here is that the white spaces returned by ColdFusion is handled by chrome and safari very good except for IE.

In my case when using couple of loops with around 36 records ( well lots of formatting done for each record)  it returns a HTML file with around 4500 lines of white space, and just about 100 lines of useful data.  My application with the white spaces would take something like 4-5 sec to load in safari but would take about a whooping 1.5 min when trying to display in IE.

Well now should ColdFusion return the HTML with the white spaces or should IE have better white space handling??

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