Tuesday, November 6, 2007

using CVS with eclipse

CVS (Concurrent Versioning System) CVS as the name specifies is a version control system. Its uses a client / server architecture that helps developers to work on a single project as a team. The versioning system is usually used because the developers can access the files from a single repository and work on their local machines, finally updating the repository with the changes to the files for others to access. Server software usually runs on linux/unix Now lets talk about how to access CVS from eclipse. 1) Set up the server on the unix machine. 2) In eclipse, go to Windows -> open perspective -> CVS repository 3) Create a new repository by right clicking in the CVS explorer and setting the server to the CVS server that is present on the same machine or on a different one 4) Sharing projects: Go to projects -> share project. and choose the repository that we want to store the files to . And there we go, finally we have the files version history and files stored on the CVS server. Coming to accessing the data from the CVS, 1) Right Click on the package explorer and choose import -> CVS-> projects from CVS. 2) Choose the repository and choose the project that is needed for import and have them extracted to work on them on the local machine.