Monday, December 31, 2007


Today lets talk about JHTML, a few things that i learned about it. JHTML is one of the earlier standards of server side scripting using java. Later parts of this technology is licensed by SUN MICROSYSTEMS to develop JSP. Even though many popular sites use JHTML, JSP is more popular. JHTML is Java within Hyper Text Markup Language. The http requests are sent to the HTTP server which on encountering the java code transfers it to the Java Application Server. Here first a .java file is generated from the HTML file and then the .java file is converted into a .class file. This .class file is used to generate the dynamic web pages at the server side that is then sent to the client side.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

creating an eclipse plugin

hey, today lets talk about creating a basic eclipse plug in 1) start an eclipse application, go to file -> new.. -> Other.. -> Plugin Development -> Plug in Project 2) Select a name for the plug in project click next and fill in the details for the plug in 3) click next and choose from the different types of templates and click finish. Well now we have the plug in displayed in the package explorer 4) right click on the plugin.xml file and select pde tools -> ant build file. We now have an ant script generated by name build.xml 5) So far we created the sample "Hello World" plug in 6) To run the application open the run dialog and create a new configuration of "Eclipse application" 7) we can now see that a new eclipse application is opened and an additional menu bar is added or a tool bar button is generated based on the template that we choose during the plugin project creation 8) Clicking on that application will have the plug in started This is just a basic plug in application where additional functionalities can be added to the application to make more complex plug ins

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

using CVS with eclipse

CVS (Concurrent Versioning System) CVS as the name specifies is a version control system. Its uses a client / server architecture that helps developers to work on a single project as a team. The versioning system is usually used because the developers can access the files from a single repository and work on their local machines, finally updating the repository with the changes to the files for others to access. Server software usually runs on linux/unix Now lets talk about how to access CVS from eclipse. 1) Set up the server on the unix machine. 2) In eclipse, go to Windows -> open perspective -> CVS repository 3) Create a new repository by right clicking in the CVS explorer and setting the server to the CVS server that is present on the same machine or on a different one 4) Sharing projects: Go to projects -> share project. and choose the repository that we want to store the files to . And there we go, finally we have the files version history and files stored on the CVS server. Coming to accessing the data from the CVS, 1) Right Click on the package explorer and choose import -> CVS-> projects from CVS. 2) Choose the repository and choose the project that is needed for import and have them extracted to work on them on the local machine.

Monday, October 1, 2007

setting path variables in linux/unix

Well guys, i finally found out how to set the path variables in unix bash. I was actually trying to run a java program through unix console that i came upon this problem. The way we are actually going to set them.. 1) firstly we need to set the classpath for all the external libraries that we are using export classpath=$classpath:library1:library2: etc.. The term in the classpath can be any name that you would like your external libraries to be called. 2) Secondly we need to assign all the classpath variables to the global path of the entire system PATH=$classpath:$PATH Where the classpath is going to be the classpath that we have assigned in the export phase. Well guys that is all for now... hopefully i could get something good and more interesting from my next post..

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


hi guys, this is Ravikanth kolli. i am a masters student and currently in my third semester. Well i havent written a blog or a web page, this being my first one. I clearly have no idea what should be in a blog and how i should be using it but i am pretty sure that i will get to know about it in the near future and keep u updated. So far so good for me. My studies are going on well and have plans to lear n a new lot of things which i havenot done till now. Currently i am just planning to write a web crawler and once i am done with that i will keep u updated with a clear method to write one. I also have plans to learn a bit of VB for now, just the basics ofcourse in the beginning. Well i think i will stop here for now and once i complete my first crawler i will have it updated in the blog..