Wednesday, October 5, 2011

RIP Mr. Jobs

Right after getting home this evening, I saw a message from AP "Apple says Steve Jobs has died". My heart skipped a beat. So long i have been in the US, I loved and cherished all the apple products. I loved my first Mac in 2007 so much that a friend once said "If I was given a chance to choose between my wife and the Mac, I would go for the Mac".

I idolise and respect Steve Jobs for his vision and along with his contributions to the technology industry. I remember reading about Steve Jobs the first time on Wikipedia and since then I have been trying to understand how a college dropout could touch so many lives with his products, and achieve so much power and recognition over the course of years. We just cannot think that apple team got a few good ideas and Jobs got the recognition. He would give his 100% to every task starting with the start of Apple, to turning around the face of Pixar to one of the best animation companies in the world, to creating magic on getting back to apple. Who would have thought that a computer company would come in to revolutionize a mobile sector in just 4 years and capture about 5% of the worlds mobile phone market.

I consider Steve to be one of the best presenters of all time. I agree that i have seen very few product announcements but watching Steve Jobs present, is absolutely fantastic. Many a times, in his keynotes and product launches, I have noticed that people do come in to watch and listen to Mr. Jobs speak more than for the actual product. I was overwhelmed to see that people gave Steve jobs a standing ovation during his WWDC keynote address (Sadly that was his last).

Rest in Peace Mr. Steve jobs.
And one more thing, Thank you for all you have to this world and  you were and will always be my role model.

Edit: A pretty good site to read more about Steve Jobs

Friday, January 14, 2011

Wikipedia spoken articles

Wow!! I might be the last one to know but Wikipedia is currently working with spoken articles for people who can understand but not read English and also to listen to articles during workouts, house work etc(WikiProject), a pretty good idea I would say, and getting them on its mobile sites would be awesome!!.

Currently (as far as I know) only a few of the articles are spoken and Wikipedia highly encourages you to generate spoken content. Articles with spoken content will have a speaker image right by the name of the article ( as in the image)..
An article that I came across is Service-oriented architecture