Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Voice XML

I currently started working on voice XML for creating a IVR system for our clients. Some of the important features needed are to have an excellent user interaction instead of the dumb IVR systems that are currently out there asking the same kind of questions over and over again. Some of them were like “for English” press 1 “for Spanish” press 2. well come on cannot we just maintain a table and store their preference based on their phone number and their first choice.

My requirement was to develop a system that helps employees to manage their time sheets through IVR. It should be as simple as possible for naive users to understand and of-course  provide better user experience and also provide features that reduce the complete interaction time. I was planning to store user preferences so that some of the most common questions that have the same answer all the time, are just asked only once and then have the system store them than asking them over and over again. I will be using voice XML with ColdFusion and SQL server in my application.

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