Wednesday, February 25, 2009

cool stuff by Microsoft

Microsoft is everywhere.. Till now I was even not pretty sure what products Microsoft delivers to this world. I was like Microsoft has only a few products like the windows for PC ( which is the most famous and one of the best operating systems around), mobile, embedded, and Visual Studio with all its languages. Then we have XBOX gaming along with the infamous ZUNE. And i am pretty sure that there are many that i am not even aware of.

Just to exemplify a few more of the products that I am not aware of, Microsoft also has an automotive business unit that provides products to some of the exciting features in vehicles. The other day I was checking out a new Ford Fusion and surprised to find powered by Microsoft in it. I then found out that Microsoft provides SYNC to Ford, Lincoln, Mercury vehicles, which helps us to connect to various features. A Mobile phone can be connected to SYNC, a media player, call 911 touch free and currently also provides driver services.

Then I read about  Microsoft also provides Azure, a cloud services operating system that serves as development,  service hosting, and services management environment. Here you can develop a website or a web service and host it on one of the Microsoft servers.

Microsoft also provides services to support startups and also students to effectively use its products to come up with better ideas. In this regard Microsoft started BizSpark, a program designed to help startups with enabling them to use Microsoft products for up to 3 years for free, with valid documentation and also DreamSpark, a program designed to provides products to students to develop productive applications.

And lets not forget about Microsoft surface, one of the innovative technologies which uses multi touch gestures to manipulate digital content. Initial customers being government, public entertainment, restaurants etc. Though it is priced high it is one of the coolest features and I think it will be available to regular household for a reasonable price within a short time.

Today i was going through Google’s public policy blog and there a post about the European commission and Microsoft on shipping the Windows OS with Internet Explorer. The interesting part is that most of the comments for that blog support Microsoft for this. Seriously why does any one not worry about MAC OS or Linux shipping with their own browsers, is it because their market share is much lesser than Microsoft??

Well i would finally say that Microsoft is one of the best companies that come up with some of the coolest ideas and best features.. Keep it up Microsoft. Waiting to see more cool stuff from your side.

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