Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Optima- An Ontology Alignment Tool

Wow finally,  i am done with my tool Optima. I have been working on this tool for over an year. Well it did take me a long time and the reason for that is, i have been working on 2 large code bases, and the usual the code is not at all commented and it gave a me a really tough time to get through their code.  
My main idea here is to generate an automated visualized ontology alignment tool, where a user can enter a couple of ontologies to be matched and thus generate a final alignment between the ontologies.  There are no alignment visualization tools so far, that gives a beautiful and easy to use interface, and a powerful underlying algorithm that performs the alignment. The first code base is of the interface and the second one is of the ontology alignment.
The interface is actually a change to the open source ontology visualization tool welkin developed as a part of MIT -simile project. The interface is pretty cool, but the usual the documentation is really bad. 
The second code base is of ontology alignment. This algorithm is developed as a part of the research conducted by my professor Dr.Prashant Doshi. I later enhanced the algorithm to work for larger sets of ontologies (well not so big but usually in the range of about 300-500 nodes per ontology). I enhanced it by providing an ability to partition the ontology automatically internally, to work on smaller sets and the final result that corresponds to the complete ontology is generated. 
I finally integrated both the tools, the visualization tool, the alignment algorithm , to generate the final tool optima, the alignment visualization tool. 
So far just the basic version is released as a webstart and i expect to release the documentation for the tool within week from now.  I finally decided to have my code to be completely documented and commented. I am actually planning to have the tool an open source, and i want the others who are later working on the code to understand it clearly. 
A screen cast for the tool is present at Optima
A demo version of the tool Optima
A few papers are also available at my research home page Optima
(Yes you are right!! i have the same page references in all the 3 cases. i was just trying to increase my home page rank to advertise my tool) 
Thanks guys, any questions will be greatly appreciated.

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